Payment methods

At Wargry, you can choose between paying with swish payment, card, direct payment, invoice or partial payment:

Klarna Checkout

In collaboration with Klarna, we offer invoice payment, partial payment, credit card payment and direct payment. This payment solution is called Klarna Checkout. With us, you can also pay with Swish in a safe and secure way. Swish payments require you to have a Mobile Bank ID.

By leaving information at checkout, you approve Klarnas terms and conditions .

Klarna Checkout presents certain information to you as soon as you are identified. The information you need to enter to achieve identification may vary between different purchase occasions and customers. Any credit information is never taken directly in Klarna Checkout, but when necessary depending on the payment option you have chosen. Credit information taken by Klarna does not affect your credit rating and cannot be seen by others who request credit information about you, e.g. banks. After you have been identified, Klarna Checkout displays which options are available to you.

If you have any questions about payment terms, you can call Klarna on 08 – 120 120 10.